Industrial Sensors and Instrumentation

3) Fill Level / Limit Value / Level

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     Inspection glasses for vertical mounting in various lengths to monitor fluid levels and visual appearance.
Float gauges for vertical mounting in various lengths and designs monitoring fill levels with one or more switch-points.
Float gauges for horizontal mounting monitoring fill levels with one contact or with capacitive measures. Ultrasonic method for granules and ductile materials avoiding direct contact.

​2) Flow

1) Temperature

4) Analysis

 PH / ORP:

The measuring devices and the transducers operate with the standard pH and ORP measurement chains. The measuring devices are fitted with comprehensive monitoring functions of the measurement chains. For measuring tasks that are to be carried out over a great-er distance of 5 m to 100 m, the impedance converter pH40 is implemented.


The conductive measurement of the conductivity of liquids for monitoring and controlling in the ongoing process is a varied measurement process in industry. In the pharmaceutical industry a high degree of hygiene and cleaning of the plants is necessary. This process is fulfilled by ultra-pure water.

O2, CO, CO2:

Oxygen (O2), carbon monoxide (CO) and carbon dioxide (CO2) measurements are mainly used for ambient air monitoring. CO2 and O2 are important indicators for ambient air quality and therefore important for modern climate control. The recommended CO2 limit for indoor air is 1000 ppm. Concentrations considerable above this limit causes fatigue and poor concentration. At values considerably lower than that limit there is a high energy saving potential at the climate control with optimized air change rates.

5) Humidity

6) Pressure

7) Weighing Instruments

  • Industry applications like weighing bridges, big containers, tanks and silos
  • Wide range of applications like plate form, table scales, belt-, small container-, tank- and package weigher
  • Connection of all standard measuring cells
  • Transmitter for DIN rail mounting
  • Panel meter
  • Measuring ranges from 5 kg up to 100 t
  • Ex devices

Instrument & Control System