Instrument & Control System

Laboratory Instrumentation

  • Robust and water-proof housing
  • Water-proof connections and
  • water-proof probes, sensors or electrodes (depending on meas. set)
  • Data logger function
  • Serial interface and analog output
  • Silicone protection cover
  • Large double display
  • Background illumination
  • Wide spectrum of measurands



Each GHMsilverline set includes a complete measuring set containing the following components: 

  1. Water-proof handheld instrument
  2. High-quality case
  3. Flash drive with operating software and manual
  4. USB adapter and cable with connection for analog output
  5. Manufacturer´s calibration at delivery
  6. Gratis manufacturer´s calibration after 1 year with automatic reminding from our calibration laboratory
  7. Accessories like e.g. water-proof pH electrode and buffer solutions or water-proof temperature probe (depending on set type)

GHM Silverline - Handheld measuring device